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My name is Flight Sergeant James G. Perkins and I live in Templeogue, Dublin, Ireland.

During my thirty eight years in the Irish Defence Forces I have served with the Infantry, Military Police and Air Corps.

I am now with the Air Corps and stationed at Casement Aerodrome which is the main base west of Dublin.

I have been involved in the following Overseas Missions:-
    Cyprus 1981/82 (UN Headquarters)
    Lebanon 1984 (UN Headquarters)
    Lebanon 1996 (Irish Battalion HQ)
    Lebanon 2000 (UN Operations)
    Bosnia 2001/02 (SFOR)
    EUFOR Chad/RCA -Operational HQ (Paris) 2008/2009

Operations Bunker, UN Headquarters, Lebanon, July 2000

I have been collecting military insignia for more than forty years.  My area of main interest is Irish Insignia dating from 1922 and I have one of the most comprehensive collections in existence. It was in 1922 that the current Irish State and consequently the Irish Defence Forces were founded.

Because of my overseas service I have been very fortunate to have sown the seeds of a very good foreign collection which I now have streamlined into special groups of insignia.


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