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The first signals badge was worn during the period 1922/1924.  I remember being told that the Signals units  in Dublin and the Curragh wore the badge but differently one wore it on the breast pocket and the other on the sleeve.  The badge which measured 40mm contains the figure of Mercury (messenger of the Gods) and the inscription "Le Luar a Cornuigim" (With Speed I Defend). The badge exists in brass and bronze there may also be an officers embroidered version.  In 1924 the smaller badge was introduced and worn on the collar.  In 1965 the badge changed to the new design showing the Angel Gabriel (messenger of God).

Brass (Large)


Silver Brass Bronze
Bronze (non voided) Brass (non voided) Brass (voided)
Staybrite (miniature) Staybrite (non voided) Staybrite (voided)


The miniature signals badge was introduced unofficially during the 1980s.  Only one batch was ever made and the badge has since faded away.  I did see a Signals officer wearing a set of miniatures on his service dress as recently as 2003.



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