Collar Badges - Medical 

Collar badges for personnel of the Medical Corps were introduced in 1924.  There was not just one badge but four.  Doctors, Pharmacists and Nurses wore silver of a similar basic design enlisted ranks wore brass.  In the early 1940s a standard bronze design was introduced to replace the three silver. The Enlisted ranks badge was worn from 1924 until 1958.  Since 1958 all personnel wear the same design.

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Dental Officer Chemists Nursing Service
Officers (1942-1958) Enlisted ranks (1924-1958) Standard (since 1958)
Bronze Staybrite Copper
     Staff Sister Assistant Matron Radiographer / Physiotherapist


The four coloured backings for the Army Nursing Service were introduced in 1987.  They replaced an earlier colour code system.  In all my contacts with the Army Nursing Service I have not  seen these coloured backings worn.  


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