Collar Badges - Infantry  

These are the first series of collar badges worn by personnel of the Infantry Corps.  Officers wore silver and enlisted ranks wore brass.  All indications are that 27th was the highest number in both sets.  As you can see some of the brass badges have been painted to dull them.  "Ceitearnact" means  "Kern".   The Kern was a 16th century Irish light Infantry warrior.

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1924 - 1931 

I Inf Bn 4 Inf Bn 5 Inf Bn



2 Inf Bn 3 Inf Bn 4 Inf Bn 5 Inf Bn
7 Inf Bn 12 Inf Bn 14 Inf Bn 20 Inf Bn
21 Inf Bn 23 Inf Bn 27 Inf Bn  


1931 - 1942 

The infantry collar badge changed in 1931 to crossed rifles and separate number in brass for enlisted ranks and in silver for officers.  The number was worn in two ways,  below the rifles by the six regular infantry battalions and to the side by the seven reserve battalions.   Two other examples are shown in the reserve series.  As a point of information the old brass crossed rifles for marksman in the British army have been mistaken for our collar badges but their rifles are at a greater angle. 


3 Inf Batt


1 Inf Batt 2 Inf Batt 3 Inf Batt 4 Inf Batt
5 Inf Batt 6 Inf Batt    


Reserve  1931 - 1942 

07 Inf Batt 07 Inf Batt 07 Inf Batt
07 Inf Batt 07 Inf Batt 07 Inf Batt
07 Inf Batt    


1931 - 1942 

 Two other examples exist and they are shown below 'City of Dublin Volunteers' and the 26th Inf Batt.   During the early emergency period when new battalions were being established they used available numbers to suit their needs e.g. 25th Battalion used the 2 and 5 because there was not a single piece number made up.  From photographic evidence more often than not the new battalions did not wear numbers.

City of Dublin Volunteers


The 26 Infantry Battalion was established in 1939.  It is possible that the numeral was a battalion manufacture rather than an issue item.  As I have mentioned already none of the other battalions followed suit with a similar device.

26th Infantry Battalion



1942 - 1958


Standard Shield 1 Inf Bn 2Inf Bn 3 Inf Bn
4 Inf Bn 5 Inf Bn 6 Inf Bn 7 Inf Bn
8 Inf Bn 9 Inf Bn 10 Inf Bn 11 Inf Bn
12 Inf Bn 13 Inf Bn 14 Inf Bn 15 Inf Bn
16 Inf Bn 17 Inf Bn 18 Inf Bn 19 Inf Bn
20 Inf Bn 21 Inf Bn 22 Inf Bn 23 Inf Bn
24 Inf Bn 25 Inf Bn 26 Inf Bn 27 Inf Bn


Officers 1942-1944


1958 - 1969

The infantry collar badge changed in 1958 to crossed rifles and target.   For a period officers wore a brass badge that had been silvered. 

Brass Officers Silver 21st Inf Batt (unofficial)


1969 -

The design changed again in 1969 and continues to be worn.

Brass Staybrite



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