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This Corps was formed in October 1940 as a works unit and served until 1948.  During the period of the Emergency it reached a strength of 5 Battalions (see below).   The design of the badge is based on a legend from Irish Mythology (The Goban Saor) it is a circled wall with the logs making the roof.

Brass Copper


Cloth Unit Flash


Good Conduct Award


The cloth badge shown above is recorded as the 1st Battalion  and a blue version may have worn by the 2nd Battalion.   I have included the above cloth badges in this section because to keep the Construction Corps items as one.

Recruiting started in Dublin in October 1940 with the HQ at Connolly Barracks in the Curragh.  Recruiting was extended to all towns of population of 1,500 or over in Apr 1941 and by July to all towns of over 1000.  Due to the influx of recruits the 1st Battalion (Curragh) was quickly up to strength and other Battalions were established as follows:  2nd Bn Athlone,  3rd Bn McKee Bks Dublin,  4th Battalion Cork and the 5th Battalion in the Curragh.  In 1944 the Corps was re-organised into two Depots and Ten Working Companies located in the Command areas.

Some of the works completed by the Corps are:

Road Construction,  Ranges,  Turf cutting,  Land Improvements,  Afforestation,  Archaeological and Aerodrome development.  

For some strange reason personnel of the Construction Corps were not awarded the Emergency Service Medal.   By the way for those of you who do not know what I mean by "THE EMERGENCY", it was the period 1939 - 1946 (or the Second World War).


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