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The Air Corps collar badge has remained the same  design since its introduction in 1924.  The first badge was a solid (non voided) type in silver for officers and brass for enlisted ranks.   The solid badge had a short life and was replaced by the voided version which was worn until 1942.  In that year officers changed to a cloth badge and enlisted ranks wore bronze.  The cloth badge only lasted two years and officers adopted the metal bronze. The next change came in 1958 when a bright brass was introduced. Then in the early 1970s the staybrite badges appeared.   Since 1994 the collar badge has been chrome.   This badge is worn in pairs facing outwards.

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Silver Non Voided Silvered Silver Brass
bronze Bronze Lacquered Brass  Lacquered Cloth
Brass Bright Staybrite (1972 - 1994) Chrome (1994 - ) Bronze Clipped Wing

The cloth badge was worn by officers in the early 1940s but proved unpopular and was replaced by the bronze type.  In general the lacquered Bronze badges were officers pattern.

The bronze badge with clipped wings came about because the tip of the wing could nip the neck when worn with the button up collar tunic.  Clipping the wings was just something that was done by individuals and was not approved.  The  V neck tunic was introduced in the mid 1960s and so the practice of clipping stopped.


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