Belt Buckles - Miscellaneous

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This buckle was worn by members of the Irish Volunteers.  There are two patterns one clear striking and this one which is a rougher strike. 

Irish Volunteers 1915



Volunteer Force


This is the Naval officers belt buckle for the ceremonial belt. 

Naval Officer ceremonial Naval Officer ceremonial (variation)


The barrack belt was introduced on limited scale during the mid 1990s.  Its exact usage was mixed and eventually it became a type of ceremonial belt.  The actual buckle is a heavy duty black plastic material.  Inquiries indicate that only two thousand of these belts were produced.

Barrack Belt


This is the buckle for cadets in the military college.  The standard buckle is square but for a period of time around the mid 1980's there was a female buckle worn.

Cadet Female Cadet



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