Badges relating to Overseas Service - Non Uniform


UNIFIL - Irish Battalion Commemorative Badges

These are commemorative badges only, produced by the battalion but not worn on uniforms.

66th Inf Batt
(Oct 1989 - Apr 1990)
83rd Inf Batt
(Apr 1998 - Oct 1998)



UNIFIL - Irish Battalion Sub-Units 

The badge shown below is a sub unit type badge and was not worn on uniform.

77th Inf Batt
(Apr 1995 - Nov 1995)




These badges were locally produced and were unofficial.  They were not worn on uniform. UNMEE stands for the Unitied Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea.   The 1st Irish Guard had no badges and it was only because of a collector with the 2nd Irish Guard that these exist.

2nd Irish Guard
1st Platoon
2nd Irish Guard
2nd Platoon
2nd Irish Guard
MP Detachment
2nd Irish Guard
Transport Platoon
3rd Irish Guard
Transport Platoon




This badge was designed by Cpl. George Wykes, 4 Cavalry Squadron and was the badge of Recce Troop,  90 Inf Bn.  It was not worn as a uniform item. The badge incorporates the flags of Ireland and Liberia.

Recce Troop 90th Inf Batt



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