Pocket Badges - Other Missions

This section covers a small number of badges. 
With the exception of the badges shown below other missions that Irish personnel were involved in as a unit did not introduce the pocket badges system.

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United Nations Liasion Office
Observer Group
United Nations Liasion Office GAZA Observer Group
Observer Group
Observer Group Lebanon Team X-Ray Military Observer
(General Type)


The military police badge was worn by Irish MP's who were assigned to the MP Coy UNFICYP.  
The UNMEE badge is a pin type and was worn by personnel in UNMEE HQ, it was not an Irish unit badge.

UNTSO is one of the oldest missions and has its headquarters in Jerusalem.  The abbreviation stands for "United Nations Truce Supervisory Organisation".  Observers who are assigned to UNTSO have been and some cases still are based in a number of locations e.g. Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt.  Because of the variety of locations and in the absence of cloth badges a whole series of pocket badges were introduced to indicate where the wearer was serving.  


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