Pocket Badges - 43 - 79 Infantry Battalions - Lebanon

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This section deals with the pocket badges that were worn by the Irish personnel on overseas service. 
They were worn hanging from the pocket button of the shirt.  The 43rd Irish Battalion were the first Irish unit to wear a unit type pocket badge.  The standard type badge with the battalion number was worn up to around the time of the 69th Battalion when badges other than the standard started to appear.  It is difficult to put a figure on the number of badges that have been produced but I would guess at close to  one hundred.   With the introduction of the French type overseas uniform the pocket badges started to phase out because there was no button to hang them from.  These were a private purchase that could be found in some of the local traders in the Irish Battalion area. 

there may not a full numbered set.

The three standard un-numbered badges were worn at different stages which indicates that no battalion number being worn at some stage between 50th and 56th. 

Standard Irish Batt Original Standard Irish Batt (Small) Standard Irish Batt (vari)


44 Inf Batt 50 Inf Batt 51 Inf Batt 52 Inf Batt
53 Inf Batt 55 Inf Batt 58 Inf Batt 59 Inf Batt


61 Inf Batt
(Apr 1987 - Oct 1987)
62 Inf Batt
(Oct 1987 - Apr 1988)
63 Inf Batt
(Apr 1988 - Oct 1988)
66 Inf Batt
(Oct 1989 - Apr 1990)
  67 Inf Batt
(Apr 1990 - Oct 1990)
68 Inf Batt
(Oct 1990 - Apr 1991)


70 Inf Batt
(Oct 1991 - Apr 1992)
72 Inf Batt
(Oct 1992 - Apr 1993)
73 Inf Batt
(Apr 1993 - Oct 1993)
74 Inf Batt
(Oct 1993 - Apr 1994)
75 Inf Batt
(Apr 1994 - Oct 1994)
76 Inf Batt
(Oct 1994 - Apr 1995)
78 Inf Batt
(Oct 1995 - Apr 1996)
79 Inf Batt
(Apr 1996 - Oct 1996)



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