BOSNIA (SFOR), January 1996 - December 2005

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The SFOR badge displayed here is the "Irish" made version.  SFOR participating countries produced and issued there own version of this badge, which in some cases differed in quality.




These badges are worn by members of the International Military Police (IMP) Unit, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia, serving with SFOR. The IMP is composed of personnel from Ireland, Italy, Spain and Holland.

Two badges exist. One badge displays the flags of the four participating countries on it, the other badge has the national flag of a particular country on it. Either badge can be worn by personnel of the IMP. The badge was only introduced in 2000.

IMP (Irish Version) IMP (General Version)


These two badges were unofficial badges that were purchased and worn by some Irish personnel serving with SFOR.  These two date from 2001/2002, but could cover any period.

Pocket Badge   Pocket Badge


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