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Irish personnel provide the IEDD team on six month rotation with KFOR.  They are based in MNTF (C) HQ, Lipljan.  The first IEDD team was with the 27th Inf Gp and had no badge,  28th Inf Gp and each subsequent team designed their own.  In general the badge design is a team effort,  I have indicated where it is an individual effort.  The IEDD team, 29 Inf Gp changed their design because the Irish Flag was was already being worn as the National Badge.   Variations may be found but I believe that they were sample badges and the badges actually worn are those below.

28 Inf Gp (Apr - Oct 04)
29 Inf Gp (Oct 04 - Apr 05)
 (93 x 60 mm)
29 Inf Gp (Oct 04 - Apr 05)
(1st Design)  (75 x 60 mm)
30 Inf Gp (Apr - Oct 05)
(2nd Design) (55 x 60mm)
31 Inf Gp (Oct 05 - Apr 06)
32 Inf Gp (Apr - Oct 06)
Cpl. Mark Carroll   -  (66mm)
33 Inf Gp (Oct  06 - Apr 07)
Cpl. Ray Moynihan(mm)
35 Inf Gp (Apr 07 - Oct 07)
37 Inf Gp (Oct 07 - Apr 08)
38 Inf Gp (Apr 08 - Oct 08)
40 Inf Gp (Apr 09 - Oct 09)
41 Inf Gp (Oct 09 - Apr 10)



The Irish Infantry Group is based at Camp Clark which is near the capital  Pristina.   The Inf Gp forms  C Coy of the Finnish Battalion.   Irish personnel also serve in HQ and in Logs,   these are not to be mistaken for the Irish Infantry Group "HQ" and "Logs".  I have added the table below to show where the Irish fit into the Finnish Battalion.  The material of these badges vary.

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A Coy
B Coy
C Coy
HQ Coy



It was proposed by C Coy to introduce a new (Irish) badge to replace the "C Coy" (Finnish issue) much the same as the Sweds had done.  The result was that the other Irish elements followed suit and four new Irish badges all with the same basic design were produced.  These badges were only worn by the 32nd Inf Gp (Apr-Oct 2006).  Badge size is 50mm x 70mm and has a velcro backing.

Group Headquarters C Coy National Support Element Logs


These are two unofficial badges but were worn.



These are badges worn by Irish personnel working in various offices and branches in KFOR and KFOR HQ.   Not all branches would have an Irish member.

HQ KFOR - Support Group MNB(C) - LMT HQ KFOR - LMT Joint Visitor Bureau
(Motto = Prepared for either event or case)
Inspectorate for KPC
(KPC = Kosovo Protection Corps)
(Civilian Military Co-operation)
Inspectorate for KPC
(Motto = Prepared for either event or case)
(Motto = Truth never dies)
Military Civilian Advisory Division   Rapid Reaction Brigade MNTF(C)  G3 OPERATIONS
(Motto = Always Ready)
Multinational Transport Company J4 Movers J4 (variation) J2 Intelligence
HQ KFOR - PSYOPS HQ KFOR - PSYOPS (Variation) MNB(C) Military Police Element MNBG(C) Military Police Element

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Joint Logistics Support Group
Joint Logistics Support Group
Joint Logistics Support Group
Joint Logistics Support Group

Joint Effects Coordination
Joint Effects Coordination
Joint Visitors Bureau
(2 Star)
Unidentified Badge
(2 Star)


You will note some badges have MNB-C on them this indicates Multinational Brigade (Centre),  in 2005 the title changed to MNTF-C  Multinational Task Force (Centre). 


Worn by Irish MP Personnel attached to the MP Element of Multi National Brigade Centre KFOR

Worn by Irish MP Personnel attached to the MP Company of Multi National Brigade Centre KFOR

International  MP
KFOR Headquarters

Irish Guard Platoon
KFOR Headquarters



Ireland  Badge (Mingi)



Metal Pin (Mingi)

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