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These two badges are from ISAF in Afganstan.  The ISAF badge is worn by all personnel in the Force (much like the SFOR or KFOR badges).  The tiger is the badge of KMNB (Kabul Multinational Brigade).  Irish personnel served with ISAF since July 2002 and with KMNB since February 2003.  
Collectors must remember that there would be a number of variations and sizes to these badges because of national preference to size and shade.  Those worn by the Irish were from the same source in Kabul.

For the first three months of the tour in 2007 the Irish wore the home pattern DPM's but then changed to desert pattern. 
With the uniform change came locally made badges,  Name tab and rank slider.

ISAF (2002, ongoing) ISAF, Kabul Multi-National Brigade ISAF Desert pattern


NATO Flash NATO Flash NATO Flash


Name tab worn an Army NCO in ISAF Name tab worn an Air Corps NCO in ISAF


Small metal pin worn on pocket flap
(36 x 12mm)


Name tab worn by Sqn Sgt John Enright (2007)
Name tab worn by Flt Sgt. Matthew McNamara  (2010)


Name tab worn by A/CS Conor Kelleher (2011/2012) Name tab worn by A/CS Conor Kelleher (2011/2012)



Name tab  (November 2011) ZAP Badge  (November 2012) ZAP Badge  (Apr-Oct 2013)


Qualification badges worn on the desert pattern uniform.    The Pilot wing was introduced in Feb 2012.

Para Wing Ranger Tab EOD


Air Corps Pilot Wing



These desert pattern rank sliders replaced the green home issue pattern.  As can be seen variations exist because up to the time of the official issue in 2011 it was the local Mingi iman n Kabul that made them for each rotation.



  Company Sergeant   Sergeant Major   Commandant  
  Lieutenant Colonel   Flight Sergeant   Commandant   Lieutenant Commandor  


Branch Badges.  There would be  a lot more branch badges but these are the one's worn by Irish personnel.

Joint Visitors Bureau Joint Visitors Bureau  (variation) Force Protection
Situational Awareness Centre
October 2009
Situational Awareness Centre
Information Operations
Counter Improvised Explosive Device CIED  (variation) CIED  (variation)
CIED  (variation)


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