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These are the National badges that Irish personnel have worn overseas.   After the two national  brassards in the Congo the shamrock flash was introduced.  In 1988 the national flag was introduced and has changed in size a number of times since.    The medium size flag was first worn in East Timor. 


1964  -  1988 988 - 1999
(66mm x 58mm)
1999 - 2000
(58mm x 30mm)
2000 - ongoing
(38mm x 22mm)


NOTE: Nov 2006  Some overseas unit commanders are changing from the small flag back to the large IRELAND flag (1988-1999) again.  The main reason would be identification,  the colours of the Irish flag can be mistaken for the Italian flag.  Having the FLAG and IRELAND may be large but is very clear.  


This flag with velcro backing was first worn by personnel in Chad early 2008.

2008 (88mm x 54mm)


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