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The standard EUFOR badge is worn by personnel on EUFOR missions.  It is worn on the right sleeve. 
For Irish personnel the Irish National badge continues to be worn on the left sleeve. 



The Multinational Task Force (north) badge comprises the colours of Bosnia and the compass pointing North. 
Liaison Observation Team (LOT) are badges that are worn by teams that operate in the communities.

MNTF (North)
Multinational Task Force
Support Division
HQ EUFOR - Sarajevo
Joint Military Affairs EUFOR
(Liaison Observation Team)


In 2007 new badges were introduced and worn by the Irish serving in Bosnia with EUFOR.  Three are the same basic shape and size and the IMP is a copy of the old SFOR badge but with the EUFOR badge as center.  Initally the Irish working in HQ Comdt wore the badge with no flag but later changed to the flag design.

Irish National Support Element Verification Teams HQ Commandant Staff (2nd issue) HQ Commandant Staff
Political Adviser Customs MP Company Joint Visitors Bureau
Transport Company (2008) Travel Officer (2011) JVB (Variation) Information & Analysis Division




This arm brassard was  worn by personnel serving with ECMM  (European Community Monitor Mission) and later EUMM (European Union Monitor Mission) in the Former Yugoslavia.

ECMM Arm Band



These badges are worn EUFOR personnel serving in or in support of the mission in DR Congo.  The EUFOR badge is worn on the right sleeve.  The Irish National badge continues to be worn on the left sleeve.  Two badges exist one for mission personnel in the Congo and the other for staff personnel in HQ in Germany.  The badge represents Europe and the DRC.  The inner circle is the country superimposed upon the flag of DRC.

EUFOR Mission badge EU Operations HQ 
Potsdam Germany
EU Operations HQ 
Pocket Badge



This is the mission badge worn by personnel serving in or in support of the mission in Chad / RCA.  The standard EUFOR badge is worn on the left sleeve and the mission badge is worn on the right.   No national badges should be worn because all participants are part of EUFOR.    The inner circle shows a map of Africa with the mission location superimposed.  The badge was issued on 31st January 2008 by Lt. Gen. P. Nash (Op Comd)

Due to work environment Irish personnel serving in EUFOR OHQ in Paris were allowed to wear the Air Corps flight jacket.
In December 2008 this badge which I designed was introduced for wear on the jacket.   It has name, rank and branch.  Some badges just had the name and rank or appointment.


Mission badge Flight Jacket Name Badge Flight Jacket Name Badge


EUTM SOMALIA - European Union Military Mission to Somalia

In 2010 the European Union Training Mission Somali was established.   The mission was based in Uganda until 2014 when it relocated to Somalia.  A small number of Irish personnel are involved with the mission.  The DFTT badge was worn on the initial deployment.

Training Team Badge Mission Badge (1st issue) Mission Badge  (Revised issue) Mission Badge  (2014)



There are 18 Battle Groups each consisting of a Battalion size force reinforced with combat support elements. 
The Battle Groups rotate actively so that two are ready for deployment at all times.

The Nordic Battle Group (NBG) whose lead nation is Sweden with Ireland, Norway, Finland and Estonia also contributing.
The Irish element was established on 28 May 2007.

The Austro-German Battle Group was active in 2012 with contributions from Ireland, Czech Republic, Croatia and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Nordic Battle Group
(4th Western Brigade  2007)
Nordic Battle Group 
 (1st Southern Brigade 2010)
Austro German Battle Gp(SD.1 Uniform) Austro German Battle Gp(DPM Uniform)



In March 2013 eight Irish personnel were deployed to European Union Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali). 
The 2014/15 badge with just MALI was worn by personnel with the mission but not the training team.
There was no badge produced for 3 EUTM.

Mission Badge

(non UNKITT) 2014/2015



Mission Badge


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