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These are the 5 inch vehicle decals that were used on vehicles from saloon to minibus.

Eastern Brigade    =  GREEN Western  Brigade                        =  White Southern  Brigade = ORANGE
Air Corps              =  SKY BLUE Defence Forces Training Center  = RED Navy                      = NAVY BLUE


Artillery Regiments

1 Field Artillery  Regiment 2 Field Artillery  Regiment 3 Field Artillery  Regiment 4 Field Artillery  Regiment


Air Defence Regiment

1 Air Defence Regiment


 Cavalry Squadrons

1 Cavalry Squadron 2 Cavalry Squadron 4 Cavalry Squadron 1 Armoured Car Sqn
Depot Cavalry Corps 1 Tank Squadron 1 Armoured Cavalry Sqn  


Engineer Companies

2 Field Engineer Coy 4Field Engineer Coy 1 Maintenance Engineers 2 Maintenance Engineers 4 Maintenance Engineers


Infantry Battalions

2 Infantry Battalion 3 Infantry Batt (B Coy) 3 Infantry Battalion 4 Infantry Battalion 5 Infantry Battalion
6 Infantry Battalion 12 Infantry Battalion 16 Infantry Battalion 17 Infantry Battalion 18 Infantry Battalion
19 Infantry Battalion 24 Infantry Battalion 27 Infantry Battalion 28 Infantry Battalion  



1 Logistics Support Battalion 2 Logistics Support Battalion 4 Logistics Support Battalion Logs Base



Logs Base Hospital


Various Units

Air Corps Army Headquarters Naval Service Gormanston Camp Company
Equitation School Combat Support College Combat Service Support College  


Military Police Companies

2 Garrison MP Company Depot Military Police DFTC


Signal Companies

Army Headquarters Signals


Transport Companies


1 Field Tpt Companay 2 Field Tpt Company 2 Garrison Tpt Company


Stickers - 2006

Defence Forces Headquarters 2nd Eastern Brigade 1st Southern Brigade
4th Western Brigade Air Corps Naval Service
  Defence Forces Training Center  

These are the seven vehicle stickers introduced on 01 August 2006.  They replaced the round decal series and are displayed on the top left inside of the windscreen.  Size is 209mm x 98mm.

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