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This section covers the new Reserve Defence Forces badges that were introduced on 01 October 2005.  The badges were designed by Sgt. Kieran McKeon  of the Defence Forces Printing Press.   With the formalisation of the badges there has been a loss of unit and historical significance.


RDF HQ 2 Eastern Bde        









With the formation of the Reserve Defence Forces some units just changed designation and others were amalgamated.  Here is breakdown of the badges shown above. 

New Title Old Title   New Title Old Title
RDF HQ 2 E Bde 2nd Eastern  Bde FCA HQ   62 Res Arty Regt 6th & 7th Fd Arty Regt
RDF  BTC None   62 Res Cav Sqn 11th Cavalry Squadron
62 Reserve Inf Bn 20th & 21st Inf Bns   62 Res Engr Coy 11th Field Engineer Company
65 Reserve Inf Bn 7th Inf Bn   62 Res CIS Coy 11th Field Signal Company
67 Reserve Inf Bn 8th Inf Bn   62 Res MP Coy 2nd & 6th MP Companies
62 Reserve Logs Bn 11th Fd Transport Company
2nd & 11th Medical Coys


New Title Old Title   New Title Old Title
RDF HQ 1 S Bde 1st Southern Bde FCA HQ   31 Res Arty Regt 3rd & 8th Fd Arty Regt
RDF  BTC None   31 Res Cav Sqn 3rd Cavalry Squadron
32 Reserve Inf Bn 14th, 15th & 22nd Inf Bns   31 Res Engr Coy 3rd Field Engineer Company
33 Reserve Inf Bn 9th & 10th Inf Bns   31 Res CIS Coy 3rd Field Signal Company
34 Reserve Inf Bn 11th, 13th & 23rd Inf Bns   31 Res MP Coy 1st & 3rd MP Companies
31 Reserve Logs Bn 3rd Fd Transport Company
1st & 3rd Fd Medical Coys

3 & 4 Air Defence Batteries

3 & 4 Air Defence Batteries


New Title Old Title   New Title Old Title
RDF HQ 4 W Bde 4th W Bde FCA HQ   54 Res Arty Regt 5th & 9th Fd Arty Regt
RDF  BTC None   54 Res Cav Sqn 5th Cavalry Squadron
51 Reserve Inf Bn 18th & 25th Inf Bns   54 Res Engr Coy 5th Field Engineer Company
56 Reserve Inf Bn 16th & 17th Inf Bns   54 Res CIS Coy 5th Field Signal Company
58 Reserve Inf Bn 19th & 24th Inf Bns   54 Res MP Coy 4th & 5th MP Companies
54 Reserve Logs Bn 5th Fd Transport Company
5th Fd Medical Company



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