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Parachute Wings

Army Air Corps Ranger Wing
Desert Pattern (ISAF) Metal Version Desert Pattern (variation)

NOTE: The silver metal badge shown above is the actual "wing" which is presented on completion of the parachute course.
          Since 2008 approx the DPM pattern wing has been worn by all qualified personnel.




Marksman Badges

Bandsman (1950's -1960's) 1950's - 1960's 1960's to Date
Champion Shot Unofficial  (14 Inf Bn) Unofficial 1990's
Sniper (1990's) Sniper (2003 Variation) Sniper Marksman (Late 1990's)

The  Defence Forces Champion Shot badge in subdued is unofficial but worn by some members of the FCA / RDF since the 1980's .



Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Improvised Explosive Disposal

This badge was introduced in 2009 and is awarded to personnel of the ordnance corps who are EOD/IED qualified. 
The badge consists of a Guy Fawkes bomb, with Celtic Broadswords, Oak Leaf Clusters and a Celtic Knot. 
The official award is the one with the khaki border.  The black border badge was made privately while waiting for the official badge and only one batch of was made.
The desert pattern which was locally made in Kabul was first worn in 2009 by an officer serving with ISAF. 

EOD Official EOD Variation
EOD Officer EOD Enlisted
Original Desert  ISAF 2009 EOD  Desert Variation



Ranger Qualification






Confidence Training Instructor Qualification 

1999 to Date Pre 1999


Search Engineer Group Qualification 

Search Engineer Group



Combat Diver

Combat Diver (ARW)



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