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On this page I show various badges which I can only call "Odds & Sods".  They are not unit or uniform badges but military personnel may be found wearing then for whatever reason.


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These badges generally can be found worn on civilian leisure wear, jackets, kit bags and the like.


Southern Command Parachute Club Irish Defence Forces Parachute Team

Western Diving Command Unit

Defence Forces Clay Pigon Defence Forces Sea Anl Defence Forces Motor Cycle



These badges were worn by personnel from the Army School of Catering.  Some are competition badges (i.e. Private sector hosted in events which the ASC enter teams) and others are just general insignia. 

19?? 1999 Army School of Catering Army School of Catering


These two badges I have included more for interest than anything else.  To my knowledge they are both unofficial reproductions.  The first badge was mentioned in the book "The Ballydoolin Privates" and referred to the area of Fingal in North Co. Dublin.  The other badge is their Rifle Club. 






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