Medical Corps

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1st Field Medical Coy 2nd Field Medical Coy 3rd Field Medical Coy Title (1975 - 1977) 3rd Field Medical Coy 11th Field Medical Coy (1968)
11th Field Medical Coy (1999) 11th Field Medical Coy (1999) 1st Hospital Company 2nd Hospital Company 3rd Hospital Company
4th Hospital Company Depot Medical Corps      

Four Hospital badges are shown but there are only three actual hospitals the 4th consists of a small medical staff. 

Below are various medical badges both official and unofficial.   The first two badges explain themselves.  The small Nurses badge is for wear on the service dress tunic while the second badge is for wear on the nurses whites. 


Medical Corps Badge Medical Corps (2002) Medical Corps (2009) Ambulance Trained EMT Official issue
Nurses Badge Nurses Badge      
EMT "Unknown One-off Make" EMT Civilian EMT Civilian EMT Civilian  

The EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN (EMT) was not recognised by any official badge until the mid 1990's.  When defence forces personnel completed a course in outside establishments they sometimes wore the EMT badge of that establishment.  This practice was used more by the SAR Crews  who worn them on the flight suits.  With the introduction of the official badge it was envisaged that all other EMT badges would cease to be worn.  In theory it was a good idea but in reality it fell short for two reasons.  First the official badge was not produced in enough numbers to meet demand and second when compared with other EMT badges it was regarded as basic.

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