Engineer Corps

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The Field Companies cover both PDF and FCA units.   Maintenance units were all PDF. 
The new Engineer badges introduced in 2014 are of a woven material to allow for sharper detail.  These are worn by both the PDF and Reserve element of the unit.

1st Field Engrs, PDF 2nd Field Engrs, PDF 3rd Field Engrs, FCA 4th Field Engrs, PDF 5th Field Engrs, FCA
11th Field Engrs, FCA 3rd Maintenance Engrs 5th Maintenance Engrs 6th Maintenance Engrs Survey Coy
Depot Engrs   1 Brigade Engineer Gp 2 Brigade Engineer Gp DFTC  Engineer Gp



These badge are the older series of Field Company badges.

2nd Field Engrs, PDF
11th Field Engrs, FCA
11th Field Engrs FCA  (1962-1968) 4th Field Engrs
(Early 1980's)
5th Field Engrs, FCA  (1974)



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