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1941 Series

This series of badges represent the first formation badges to have been worn by the Irish Army.  They were quite small in size when compared to the current style.  There were two issues of the badges, one spade shaped and one shield shaped.  The badge size was one inch by one and a half inches.  At the end of the emergency the divisional badges continued to be worn by two Commands.   The 1st Division was worn by the Southern Command in a slightly larger size until it was incorporated into the new command badge in the 1960s and continues to be worn by the 1st Southern Brigade.  The 2nd Division continued to be used as the Eastern Command badge, and more recently as the 2nd Eastern Brigade, but in a larger size.  There were an additional two badges one for the Military College and the other for Army Troops.  The Army Troops were those not covered by any of the others.  I know that the Air Corps wore it prior to the winged flash.

Army Headquarters Army Headquarters 1st Division 1st Division 2nd Division 2nd Division
Curragh Command Curragh Command Eastern Command Eastern Command Southern Command Southern Command
Western Command Western Command Military College Military College Army Troops Army Troops

Post 1955 Series

This badge is worn by all personnel assigned to the staff of Defence Forces Headquarters (DFHQ).




With the re-organisation of the Army the Commands gave way to three Brigades and a Training Centre.   The original badges will continue to be worn by the new brigades.  The 2012 re-organisation saw the West being amalgamated into the East and South.




2nd Eastern Brigade 1st Southern Brigade 4th Western Brigade Defence Forces Training Centre
(Eastern) (Southern) (Western) (Curragh)

NOTE: The old Command designations are shown in ( ) brackets.

Southern Command
(Manufacturers Error)

Western Command
(1953 - 1956)


Command Headquarters

These badges ceased to be worn since the re-organisation of the Army in the late 1990's.









Command FCA Headquarters

Worn 1979 until the re-organisation of the FCA in 2005.






Western Curragh


Brigade Headquarters

These badges ceased to be worn since the re-organisation of the Army in the late 1990's.




1st Brigade (South) 2nd Brigade (East) 4th Brigade (West) 6th Brigade (Curragh)


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