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These Company shoulder titles were worn from 1962 to 1967.

A Company, 7th Infantry Battalion B Company, 7th Infantry Battalion C Company, 7th Infantry Battalion
D Company, 7th Infantry Battalion   E Company, 7th Infantry Battalion

Having been introduced in the mid 1960s these individual and historical Company badges were worn until 1978 .  They were replace by the standard type battalion badge following an instruction from Army Headquarters (1977) that all units should wear the standard type badge. That instruction was changed years later but the damage was done and the "standard badges" stayed.

A Company, 7th Inf Batt A Company, 7th Inf Batt B Company, 7th Inf Batt C Company, 7th Inf Batt D Company, 7th Inf Batt E Company,7th Inf Batt
A Company, 8th Inf Batt B Company, 8th Inf Batt C Company, 8th Inf Batt D Company, 8th Inf Batt E Company, 8th Inf Batt Cadre  8th Inf Batt
A Company, 14th Inf Batt B Company, 14th Inf Batt C Company,14th Inf Batt D Company,14th Inf Batt  D Company, 14th Inf Batt   
A Company, 16th Inf Batt B Company, 16th Inf Batt C Company,16th Inf Batt D Company,16th Inf Batt E Company, 16th Inf Batt  
A Company, 17th Inf Batt B Company, 17th Inf Batt C Company, 17th Inf Batt D Company,17th Inf Batt E Company, 17th Inf Batt F Company,17th Inf Batt
A Company, 18h Inf Batt A Company, 18h Inf Batt A Company, 18h Inf Batt A Company,18h Inf Batt    
A Company, 20h Inf Batt          
B Company, 20h Inf Batt          
C Company, 20h Inf Batt          
D Company, 20h Inf Batt          
E Company, 20h Inf Batt          
HQ Company, 20h Inf Batt          


The 20th Infantry Battalion comprises six companies, A, B, C, D, E and HQ. The current companies were formed for the pre integration (circa 1958) FCA Battalions. For example, 41st Battalion FCA became A Company, 44th Battalion FCA became B Company.

The first actual 20th Infantry Battalion insignia was the shoulder title and this was worn from about 1962. Each company had the same basic design and colour. Circa 1966 the first company insignia appeared and each company then designed their own insignia. Since then the insignia have been numerous and varied. 

The insignia with "City of Dublin" did not appear in all companies for some reason. There was an early attempt in the early to mid 1970s to have a standard insignia (see the example below shown in the HQ Company section with the "black 20") but the companies did not agree and only “HQ COMPANY” personnel wore the insignia. 

The next attempt to standardise the Battalion was in 1989 when the blue insignia with title was introduced. All companies wore the insignia for a short time and when stocks ran out companies just reverted back to their own insignia again. More recently “B Company” introduced a larger version of the blue insignia to replace the historic "44" insignia and the new insignia is now worn by “B Company!” , “HQ Company” and by Cadre personnel. 

The other problem with some of the companies is that there is no quality control with the insignia when ordered. For example over the last number of years “ E Company” have reordered the insignia a number of times and each time the yellow colour is a different shade. 

Complacht na bhFiann was founded in Feb 1965 to cater for FCA members who had an interest in military training through Irish. For administration purposes it was designated as E Coy of 20th Inf Batt and based in Griffith Bks, but for the first 10 years or so more or less operated independently, not going on annual camp with the 20th but to a Gaeltacht area instead (usually Galway). It did take part in Batt activities such as shoots etc. As it was based in Griffith, members of other companies of the 20th with an interest in Irish transferred across, particularly from D Coy, but membership was drawn from other units and corps also. (Founding Coy Cdr Jock Ring was from 7th Inf Batt, and first CS Seamus O Dioluin was from Cav).

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