Infantry Battalions

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1st Inf Batt 2nd Inf Batt 3rd Inf Batt 4th Inf Batt 5th Inf Batt
6th Inf Batt 7th Inf Batt (FCA) 8th Inf Batt (FCA) 9th Inf Batt (FCA) 10th Inf Batt (FCA)
11th Inf Bn (FCA) 12th Inf Bn 13th Inf Bn (FCA) 14th Inf Bn (FCA) 15th Inf Bn (FCA)
16th Inf Bn B(FCA) 17th Inf Bn (FCA) 18th Inf Bn (FCA) 19th Inf Bn (FCA) 20th Inf Bn (FCA)
21st Inf Bn (FCA) 22nd Inf Bn (FCA) 23rd Inf Bn (FCA) 24th Inf Bn (FCA) 25th Inf Bn (FCA)
27th Inf Bn 28th Inf Bn 29th Inf Bn 30 Inf Bn  

With the 1 Nov 1998 re-organisation of the Army two battalions ceased to exist.  The 29th Battalion was integrated into the 6th Battalion (West)  and 27th Battalion (East).  The 30th Battalion established 20 Jun 1977 was integrated into the 3rd Battalion.
The 2012 Re-organisation saw the 2nd and 5th amalgamating to form the 7th.   The 4th was disbanded.


Variations - PDF Units

4th Inf Batt Pipe Band
 (Circa 1974)
4th Inf Batt
 (1974 - 1975)
4th Inf Batt
 (1975 - 1980)
5th Inf Batt
 (Circa 1973)
6th Inf Batt
(1971 - 1978)
6th Inf Batt
(1978 - Mid 1990's)
12th Inf Batt
(1975 - 1977)
28th Inf Batt
(1977 - Early 1990's)
29th Inf Batt
(1977 - Late 1990's)
29th Inf Batt
(1977 - Late 1990's)
30th Inf Batt  (Late 1970's - Mid 1980's) 30th Inf Batt
 (Late 1970's  Mid 1980's)

The 4th Infantry Battalion variations with a " DEER" left and right came about because of a manufacturers error.

The 5th Infantry Battalion variation with the black cross rifles is a collectors dream because it was a once off order. I do not know if it was by design or manufacturers error that the rifles did not appear in the reorder.

The 12th Infantry Battalion badge shows the two counties sports colours. Blue/Gold for Tipperary and Green/Yellow for Limerick. The Battalion had companies in both counties.

The 28th Infantry Battalion variation was worn on and off until the early 1990's. The Original badge showing the " BLACK LION" is currently being worn again.

The 30th Infantry Battalion had the standard Infantry colours as its first badge. The rifle colour black again appeared for a once off order and was replaced by the white rifles. These badges were replaced by the one showing the crest of Kilkenny.

The badges shown are those of major variation and not just a basic colour change.

I also have five examples from the 3rd Infantry Battalion in my collection but they are all just different colours of border (e.g. red, white, red/white, white/red etc.). The basic badge has never changed.


Variations - FCA Units

9th Inf Batt
10th Inf Batt 10th Inf Batt  B Coy
15th Inf Batt 21st Inf Batt
21st Inf Batt
22nd Inf Batt 22nd Inf Batt 25th Inf Batt
(error early 80's)
24th Inf Batt
24th Inf Batt
24th Inf Bn
7th Inf Bn
(Cooks  1980s)
23rd Inf Bn
(Cooks  late 1990s)


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