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Prior to 1994 there were two half wing designs worn.  Officers wore the bullion half wing (same wing shape as the pilots wing) on  No.1 Dress Tunic while enlisted ranks wore the thread version (different design). 
The interesting thing is that officers also wore the thread enlisted version on flight suit, jacket and sweater because there was no thread pattern of their design.

In 1994 a thread pattern half wing (same shape as the pilots wing) was introduced for the new blue uniform.  It was never produced in subdued so officers wear the enlisted pattern subdued.

In 2007 a bullion Enlisted half wing was introduced  and  in 2010 a newer version was introduced.

In 2009 the new design bullion half wing was introduced for officers (same wing shape as the pilot wing)


Officer, Service Dress (pre 1994)   Officer, Service Dress (1994)   Officer, Service Dress (variation)
Officer, Mess Dress   Officer, Mess Dress (variation)   Officer, Mess Dress (variation)
Officer, Service Dress (2009)       Officer, Metal wing (2009)
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Enlisted Personnel

Enlisted, Service Dress (2007)   Enlisted, Service Dress (2010)   Enlisted, Metal Wing (2011)
Enlisted, All Dress (Pre 1994)   Helicopter Crew (1970's)
  Army Co-Op Sqn
Enlisted, No.1 Dress (1994)       Enlisted, subdued (2005)


Flights Suit Wings

The below named wings have only been introduced since 1996.  These cloth versions came into being because I saw the one worn by Sgt. Kevin Newman and felt it was a good idea.  I put the idea to the crews who would actually wear them and the rest is history.

The wing worn by  Kevin Newman was one of eight privately made for NCO's and Officers who worked in Engineering Wing at the time.

The last three wings were introduced on 06 November 2006.   Design idea was by Sgt. Darren Cash and myself. 
The badge with "Tech Crew" is a general catch all, it will be used by personnel who are awaiting their named badge.


"The Original of the Species" (Mid 1990s)



Casa Crew Member SAR Crew Member Engineer Officer
Helicopter Crew, Non-Technical Helicopter Crew, Technician General Crew Wing  (2003)


Casa Crew,  Airborne Radar Operator General Crew Wing (variation)
Enlisted Ranks Wing (Nov 2006) Tech Crew Wing (Nov 2006) Officers Wing (Nov 2006)



To show the details here is a large image of the Officers metal wing.  The serial number is 001/150/09 which means
001 (first in batch)/150 (number made)/09 (year)




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