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These insignia were introduced in 1994 and at first were worn without the wing.  During late 1995 the correct slider with wing was introduced.  However, the quality of the rank slider was poor and the sliders did not conform to a standard size.  A much better made and standard size slider was introduced in 2001. It was my recommendation that the wing be added to the rank on the slider and this made the rank more military than civilian looking.

1994 Series

Cadet 2nd  Lieutenant (2001) Lieutenant (2001) Captain (2001)
Commandant (1995) Lt. Colonel (1995)  Colonel (1995) Brigadier General


2001 Series

Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Commandant
Lieutenant Colonel Colonal Brigadier General Major General  

The Major General was introduced in 2010 when Brig Gen. R. James (GOC Air Corps) was promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff (Ops)of the Defence Forces.  Maj.Gen. James is the first Air Corps officer to attain this rank.    Like the Brig Gen the initial rank slider was made by the Air Corps tailor until in 2013 the manufactured type were issued. Note the oval is embroidered on.  The ridges have no significance and they do not indicate divides, the manufacturer could not embroider a one piece tape.

Major General
Lieutenant General


I have displayed here three rank sliders  worn since 1994 for the same rank each with different braid.

Lieutenant Colonel


General Officer Commanding

These are insignia worn by the GOC, Air Corps.  The large gorget with two silver leaves was an error that dates back to 1994.  The then GOC used the sample badges because of the urgency to change to  the blue uniform.  They were worn until 2009 when the three leaf was introduced (Army gorgets have three leaves).  It was on my recommendation that the three leaf was introduced.

The GOC Air Corps is the only one in the Corps with epaulets on his tunic.   With the introduction of the blue uniform in 1994 the then GOC introduced the oval shown below to help identify him as a General.

Tunic Gorget
(40 x 73mm)
Tunic Gorget
Shirt Gorget
(28 x 52mm)
Epaulette/Slider badge
(55 x 25mm)


It is worth noting that there was a change in the actual officer rank tape for ranks produced after early 2001.  The tape used is a different design and shade.  In the short time since the rank was introduced there has been a number of different tapes used.

These three ranks are the original of the species.  They were worn in 1994 during the period before the rank with wing was produced.



2nd  Lieutenant (1994) Captain (1994) Lieutenant Colonel (1994)

Sliders, Subdued 

In September 2003 sliders were introduced for wear on the DPM uniform and flight suit.  For some reason they did not follow the wraparound style of the blue slider. 


  Cadet   2nd Lieutenant   Lieutenant   Captain  

 No rank in this series

  Commandant   Lieutenant Colonel   Colonel  

Brigadier General



 In mid 2008 a new slider was introduced for officers with the wrap around rank like the colour version.   Slider size 57mm x 98mm but they may vary by 1mm.  The braid is 9mm.   The General is 32mm and not 36mm (4 X 9mm).

No rank in this series
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Commandant

Awaiting Image

Lieutenant Colonel Colonel

Brigadier General

Major General


An interesting rank.  This was worn by Maj Gen. James as an interim while waiting for his subdued rank to be made.    This rank was made for the Brig Gen pre 2008 but was not worn because the wing was not within an oval and the rank tape is in the wrong position.

Major General


Helmet Ranks     


No Rank





2/Lieutenant   Lieutenant Captain   Commandant   Lt. Colonel   Colonel   Brigadier General


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