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The Air Corps Regular Cadet Class  is made up of students who have spent seven months in the Military College as part of a Cadet Class and then progress to flying training. It is only on successful completion of their flying that they receive their wings and are commissioned.

In general the badge would be worn immediately after the wings ceremony but in some cases it could be months later.  Approval was given in 2007 allowing the class to wear the badge during the cadet training period.  The first class to do so was the 26th and the badge was worn from July 2007.


11 Air Corps Cadet Class  
1977 - 1978
Cadet Jim Duffy
12 Air Corps Cadet Class 
 1978- 1979
Cadet Dermot Hickey
13 Air Corps Cadet Class  
1982 - 1983
Cadet  Martin Duffy
14 Air Corps Cadet Class
Cadet Michael Meeley
15 Air Corps Cadet Class  
1994 - 1996
Cadet Derek Bolger
16 Air Corps Cadet Class   1995-1997
Cadet Jarlath Heneghan
17 Air Corps Cadet Class  
 1996 - 1998
Cadet Ann Brogan
18 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet  Daire O'Flynn
19 Air Corps Cadet Class  
1998 - 2000
Cadet James Brady
20 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet Kevin Phipps
21 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet James O'Reilly
22 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet T. O'Beirne
23 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet  Emmet Farrelly
24 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet Alan Bray
25 Air Corps Cadet Class  
Cadet Andrew Fry
26 Air Corps Cadet Class   2005-2008
Cadet Patrick Mullan
Awaiting Badge
27 Air Corps Cadet Class
Cadet Bernard O'Raw
28 Air Corps Cadet Class 
Cadet Michael Barco
29 Air Corps Cadet Class 
Cadet David Fallon

29 Air Corps Cadet Class 


30 Air Corps Cadet Class 
  2011 - 2014
Cadet Declan Hickey

31 Air Corps Cadet Class
Cadet  Kevin Fitzgerald
31 Air Corps Cadet Class
Cadet  Kevin Fitzgerald



As the name implies students on this course were 2nd Lieutenant's.  They chose a flying career but completed the full cadet portion of their training in the military college and were commissioned as Air Corps officers.   Why change the type of course for 2nd Lieutenants the easy answer would be that it is "due to the exigencies of the service".


14 YO's Wings Course 
 197? - 1980
2/Lt. H Crowley

15 YO's Wings Course 
197? -1981
 2/Lt. Barry McLoughlin

16 YO's Wings Course 
1982 - 1983
2/Lt. A. Owens

18 YO's Wings Course  1985-1986
2/Lt. Tom O'Connor

19 YO's Wings Course
1986 - 1987
2/Lt. Sean Clancy 

20 YO's Wings Course
1987 - 1988
2/Lt. Joe Kelly 

21 YO's Wings Course
1988 - 1989
2/Lt. Rory  O'Connor

22 YO's Wings Course   1989 - 1990
2/Lt.Seamus McCormack

23 YO's Wings Course  
1990 - 1991
2/Lt. James F. Quinn

24 YO's Wings Course 
1991- 1992
2/Lt.  Paul Whelan

25 YO's Wings Course 
1992 - 1993
2/Lt.  James Gavin




This badge was introduced in late 2007 by the 26th Class.  It is worn on the flight suit / jacket in the same position as the pilot wing and is a means of identification. 

26th Air Corps Cadet Name Badge 
27th Air Corps Cadet Name Badge 
28th Air Corps Cadet Name Badge

29th Air Corps Cadet Name Badge 

30th Air Corps Cadet Name Bdge

31st Air Corps Cadet Name Badge

Awaiting Badge


31st Air Corps Cadet Name Badge



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