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UNIT BADGES - Pre 1994

With the introduction of the blue uniform in 1994 unit badges ceased to be worn. 

Air Corps HQ Training Wing No.1 Support Wing No.1 Sp Wing (Error) No.3 Support Wing
Administration Wing Air Traffic Control  Technical Training Sqn CIS 5 Maintenance Engrs

In July 2002 the new Air Corps establishment was introduced and the Wing names changed as follows:
No. 1 Support Wing = No. 1 Operations Wing     :     No. 3 Support Wing = No. 3 Operations Wing      :      Engineering Wing    = No. 4 Support Wing  
Administration Wing=No. 5 Support Wing          :     Training Wing           =Air Corps College              :      Air Support Sigs      = CIS


The Air Corps Apprentice Class introduced the title concept on my recommendation in 1983.  The title was worn above the Training Wing unit flash. 
Each class continued to wear a title up to the 57th.  The 58th class in 1994 were issued with the blue uniform and badges were not worn on it.


Sep 1982 - Jul 1986 Sep 1983 - Jul 1987 Sep 1984 - Jul 1988 Sep 1985 - Jul 1989


Sep 1986 - Jul 1990 Sep 1987 - Jul 1991 Sep 1988 - Jul 1992 Sep 1989 - Jul 1993


Sep 1990 - Jul 1994 Sep 1991 - Jul 1995 Sep 1992 - Jul 1996 Aug 1993 - Jul 1997



These seven badges were introduced on 3 January 2012.   Unit badges have not been worn in the Air Corps since 1994 when the Corps changed to the blue uniform.  These new badges were designed by me and some of them incorporate features of the original designs.  

        Air Corps HQ   No 1 Ops Wing.   No 3 Ops Wing           No 4 Sp Wing
     No 5 Sp Wing   Air Corps College   CIS    




UNIT BADGES - Pre 1994

With the introduction of the blue uniform in 1994 unit badges ceased to be worn. 

Air Corps HQ
designed by Sgt. J. Martin in 1985.

Training Wing
designed in 1982 by Capt John Gleeson and myself.  It represents the three elements of the wing, Flight, Military and Apprentice training.

No 1 Sp Wing
designed by Capt D. McCarthy in 1990. The three squadrons are represented,  Light Strike Sqn (gun sight),  Maritime (wave), Transport & Training (crossing aircraft).

This is a strange variation of the No. 1 Support Wing flash that was worn up to 1994.  It has been manufactured in reverse.  The wave is breaking the wrong way the "one" is reversed and the aircraft are crossing right over left.  This badge must have been the last batch ordered before the change to the blue uniform.  This badge came off of a flying suit.

No. 3 Support Wing
designed by Kieran Kelly (artist).  The badge consists of wings (not sails) the green and blue background  represents the support roll with the army and navy.

Admin Wing
designed by Comdt D. Reidy in 1989.  Referred to as the "Beer Mat" it represents the admin roll of the unit.  The lettering in Irish means Casement Aerodrome.

Air Traffic Control
the only sub unit badge worn.  Designed by Comdt P. Tormey in 1986.

Technical Training Squadron
designed by F/Sgt S. Curran was worn until the 1st July 1980.  It was the only unit badge pre 1980. TTS then became the Apprentice School, Training Wing.

Air Signals
designed by Comdt P Kavanagh in 1972. The design represent the relationship between ground and air communications,  the runway with an aircraft taking off and the lightening flashes indicate the communications that signals provide. 

5 Maintenance 
designed by Lt J. O'Dea in 1987




These seven badges were introduced on 3 Jan 2012.  They follow the same theme and incorporate the pre 1994 unit badge design.

 No.1 Operations Wing
The basic design is taken for the badge that was worn by No. 1 Support Wing pre 1994.    The elements of the badge represent the elements of the Wing. 
Wave:  Air Transport roll.   Aircraft:  Army Support roll.   Radar:   Maritime roll

No.3 Operations Wing
The bird is a raven and symbolically depicts the Celtic Deity     “Morrigan” (Great Queen).  In Celtic mythology she was the wife of the Daghda (Good God) and was the goddess of war.  Wherever conflict occurred she would  be visible over the battlefield in the shape of a raven.   Hence the roll of 3 Ops Wing in support of the Defence Forces. 

No.4 Support Wing
The badge represents the elements of the wing.Horizon - 402 Sqn (Avionics Sqn)       Spanner - 401 Sqn (Workshops Sqn)      Cornucopia - 403 Sqn (Supply Sqn)         

No.5 Support Wing
The runway and taxiways identify the base and so highlight the Wings support roll.  

Air Corps College

The elements of this badge have been carried on from the original 1982 design.
Futuristic Aircraft  -  Flying Training School
Spear - Military Training School
Atoms - Apprentice School

Communications Information Service
The badge represents the original historical design of  Air Support Signals.
Runway with Lightning and aircraft.  The design represents the communication between the ground and air elements.

Air Corps Headquarters
This badge continues to use the original 1980s design for historical reasons.
The Eagle is the symbol of the Air Corps and so signifies the Headquarters roll in the Corps by its commanding position on the rock.


The badges are worn on Service Tunic and great coat.  They are not worn on Flight suit/jacket as the squadron badge is already worn.

 The badges were designed by myself with artwork by Sgt. Donal Scott (RDF).



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