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No. 1 Operations Wing

101 Squadron is now the designation (since 2002) for what use to be Maritime Squadron. The badge retains the Gannet from the original badge but now also features the map of Europe & Euro Stars (notice one star is actually a Shamrock). The motto "Eyes over the Sea" is now in Irish
The badge was designed by a Corporal Finbarr Cotter and was first worn by the squadron in March 2003.

104 Squadron, 1 Ops Wing was previously known as the Army Co-op Squadron (ACOS). 

105 Squadron, 1 Ops Wing was previously known as Photographic Section, Admin Wing.  Badge designed by Armn. Patrick Reilly. 

106 Squadron, 1 Ops Wing - Garda Air Support Unit.  The badge was designed by Capt. Dave Curran. 
The four quadrant Celtic Rings symbolise the four provinces of Ireland.  The kestrel is an astute observer while hovering which ties in with the Sqn operations.

101 Sqn (Mar 2003) 104 Sqn (Jul 2002)  105 Sqn (Jan 2007)  106 Sqn (Jan 2009) 



No. 3 Operations Wing

3 Operations Wing is the helicopter wing of the Irish Air Corps.  This badge was first worn in May 2004.  The symbol is the "ANKH" which was the Egyptian Symbol of Life.   This symbol can sometimes be seen on the helmets in photographs of Allouette III  crews. 

301 SquadroN
The badge was first worn in May 2004.   The sail with the Celtic cross represents St. Brendan and the north star shows that both St. Brendan and 301 Squadrons need to navigate at sea. 

302 Squadron
The badge was designed by Lt. James Brady and was first worn in May 2004.  

303 Squadron
The badge was introduced in November 2006.  The design represents the technical elements of the wing it was designed by Sgt. D. Cash and
Armn. C. O'Callaghan.  

3 Ops Wing (May 2004)  301 Sqn (May 2004)  302 Sqn (May 2004)  303 Sqn (Nov 2006) 



No. 5 Support Wing

These badges were introduced in June 2013 and are worn on working dress.

506 Squadron  (Crew)
(June 2013)

506 Squadron  (Chief)
(June 2013)


Light Strike Squadron


1980's 1996


Maritime Squadron

The reason that there are four Maritime Squadron flashes is quite simple.  Back in 1984 I was involved in the production of the 1st badge,  then at some stage someone in the Squadron decided to reorder and went at it without getting a sample or the original. The results were badges 2 (late 1980's) and 3 (early 1990's).  I was approached in late 1998 by the Squadron and it was agreed that the 1st badge was the standard.  I also had it remade to a much improved quality (notice the text and black border).

1984 Circa Late 1980's Circa Early 1990's 1999



Search and Rescue Squadron

I was involved in the production of the first S&R squadron badge and as you can see it was individually named.  At a later stage a number of badges appeared with the Irish Air Corps having replaced the crew name but this version was not widely used within the squadron.  In 1999 I was approached about getting the badge reordered and I made the suggestion of staying with the "Irish Air Corps" because the named crew wings were beginning to be introduced therefore no need for the individuals name to appear on two breast badges. My idea was agreed and so the current badge is the standard.

1986 Mid 1990's 1999


Flying Training School

In August 2002 the badge of Flying Training School was introduced for the flight suit / jacket.
Cadets are permitted to wear it after they have qualified solo on their wings course.

Flying Training School (Aug 2002)


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