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The RED AIR CORPS flash was worn from the mid 1950's to early 1960's.  It was worn by the Apprentice Classes of the day.  It is not clear if the badge was an error in design or was intended to identify the Apprentice Class.  At the same time the Blue badge was being worn by all other personnel.     The red badge below was worn by Apprentice Paddy Mullen, Apprentice Class 1956.

The Blue Corps badge was introduced in the mid 1950s and replaced the "Army Troops" badge of the 1940s series. 
In 1994 with the introduction of the blue uniform the design was retained but a change in colour.  This change resulted in two error badges both of which were worn.  First the light blue background was worn on jumpers until stocks ran out (about 2000 made).  The second error which was also worn shows the national colour's in the wrong sequence.


Mid 1950s - Early 1960's Pre 1994 Error 1994 Error 1995 - 2001  Since 1994


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