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This series of badges started to be introduced on 6 Nov 2006.  They are flight suit badges and are worn on the front right of the suit.  The colour and shape is a match for the named wing which was also introduced at the same time.  Sgt. Darren Cash and I designed the  three heli badges and  then I in consultation with the squadrons designed the remainder.  The badge measures 100mm x 50mm and has a velcro backing.

Eurocopter 135  Augusta Westland 139 Allouette III (error)
Alouette III  PC-9M  (Cadets) PC-9M (Instructors)
FR172 H  (Cessna) (104 Squadron)  SKA200  (Beechcraft)   CN-235  (CASA) (101 Squadron)
Gulfstream 4 Lear Jet BN2T - 4S  (Defender) (GASU)
EC 135  (GASU) EC 135  (1000) EC 135  (1000)

Note:   You will have noticed that there are two badges for "Alouette III". 
The incorrect spelling is because of the way the logo on the front of the aircraft is written, it looked like an extra "L" existed.  The badge was worn for about two weeks before the mistake was noticed.



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