My Ex-Service Associations Insignia Collection


Ex-Service Associations Insignia

The O.N.E

Organisation of National Ex Servicemen/Women

O.N.E. is the abbreviation for ORGANISATION OF NATIONAL EX SERVICEMEN/WOMEN. Like ex-service associations in other countries there are branches located around the country.  The dress is a black blazer with grey trousers/skirt and a black beret.  Branches wear the standard design badge but with the branch name added.  As can be seen some branches have had the bullion badge made up. 

For display purpose I have divided the badges into selections of ten badges each.

You may notice that some of the badges have a cream centre and not the standard gold type.  It is only a manufacturing change that has become the standard.   It is also possible to see variations within a branch e.g.  In Kerry Branch I have observed three variations.

United Nations Veterans

United Nations Veterans

UN VETS stands for the UNITED NATIONS VETERANS ASSOCIATION.  Only personnel who have served on overseas service are eligible to be a member of this association.  They have Posts in locations around the countryand it was originally planned that each post would have its numbered badge (as in Post 1) but it did not materialise and so the standard badge is used.  On the beret they wear  cloth cap badge.  The colour of their blazer is green and of course the beret is UN Blue.


Naval Association

Naval Association

NAVAL ASSOCIATION, as the name suggests, is for all former members of the permanent and reserve Naval service.