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Army Cap Badges

Dublin Brigade Irish Volunteers

This is the cap badge worn by the Dublin Brigade Irish Volunteers.  The Irish Volunteers were formed in 1914. The badge has the inscription "Drong Ata Cliat" (Dublin Brigade).

The Irish Volunteers wore the cap badge with inscription "Oglaig na h-Eireann" which became the cap badge of the National Army in 1922 and is worn to this day. Two other badges that I can actually confirm were worn, West Mayo Brigade and Limerick Regiment.

1922 All Ranks Cap Badge

1922 All Ranks Cap Badge Colour Backing

Staff Officers  1923 - 1924

In 1923 two cap badges were approved for staff officers.  "RED" for Army Headquarters and "BLUE" for Command Headquarters.  These badges were worn until the larger officers badge was introduced in 1924 which also coincided with the introduction of the staff officer rank insignia underlays. There is some debate about the badge with Green enamel which was purported to be worn by Brigade staff officers.

Army Officers Cap Badge

Enlisted Ranks Cap Badge

Senior Army Officers Cap Badge

Dress Army Officers Cap Badge

Vickers Cap Badge

FCA Cap Badge

Nurse Cap Badge

Air Corps Cap Badges


In 1994 the Forage Cap was introduced when the Air Corps changed to the blue uniform.  The first set of badges had a "Purple" border this was later changed to "Blue" in the late 1997. The thread used in the Forage cap badge is a grey matt.

These badges are also worn on the black beret which is only worn with DPM uniform.

1994  Note that for some reason there was no RSM badge with a purple border only a blue border.

1997 Note that no officers badge was manufactured  in this variation as the 1994 series were still in stock.


In 1994 the Peak Cap was introduced when the Air Corps changed to the blue uniform.  The first set of badges had a "Purple" border  and a smooth backing this was later changed to a blue border with a ribbed backing (like the forage cap).   The thread used in the Peak cap badge is a glitter silver.  It was intended to have this badge in silver bullion and cut to shape rather than oval.
A manufacturing error put a blue centre on the RQMS/RSM badge which was not corrected until 2006 when the error badge was out of stock.

Badge sizes are:  Armn/Cpl = 45x60mm    :    Sgt/FQMS/FSgt = 52x66mm    :    RQMS/RSM    =    58x68mm    :    Offr    =    60x68mm




The badges shown in this section are all variations since 1994 and in most cases private purchase and not issue.


The Officers wing ceremony of 1994 resulted in another unique Air Corps cap badge.  Due to the fact that the blue uniform had just been introduced there was no peak cap badges available so a special order was made for the parade resulting in the badge below.  Only the Wing Commander and those on parade wore the badge which was approx twelve badges.


The Officers unofficial badge was introduced by the Group commander Colonel K. Hogan who had them made while on overseas service.  They proved unpopular because the badge did not sit neatly on the peaked cap.


A small number of this badge were made privately because the "Red Centre" was missing on the official peak cap badge. Worn between 1995 - 1998.


 Colonel J. O'Brien (later GOC in 2001) had this badge designed for the new dress uniform cap.


Brig Gen J. O'Brien had the badge variation shown below made for wear on his forage and peak cap.

Due to the design and quality of the badge it was adopted by the officers as their peak and forage badge in 2003.

The interesting thing is that the design is in fact the same as the Pipe Band badge and not the official officers badge.

Before 2003 the GOC and Gp Comdr added a small addition to their Forage and cap badges in the form of a  "RED BORDER".   The system continued with the introduction of the new badge 2003.


This is the badge that is a copy of the GOC's.  It is a well made bullion badge but does not follow the original approved design for officers.


When the  pipe band changed to the blue jacket in 1995 they initially wore the forage cap.  In 1997 they introduced a glengarry with a new standard badge and this was worn until the introduction of the new Glengarry in September 2002.   The original badge did not fit neatly on the new Glengarry so a new design was adopted.


These three badges were the original samples for enlisted ranks.  These badges were never produced for general wear in this quality. These samples were used by an NCO at his wedding because the official issue peak cap badge was not yet available at the time even though the caps were.  I call this set the "Wedding Set".  There were six of the Airman's badge,  two for the Sergeant and one for the RSM.

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